In the early twentieth  century many young girls were some even forced to work in textiles mills. There were three girls Nell,Clara and Hannah. All the girls were put to work with very little pay. If the girls were just 2 min. late they would dock there pay by an hour. The girls worked 8 stories  up and the doors were locked so they could not leave. while the girls were working they smelled something  burning and looked were it was coming from. One of the machines was on fire! All the girls ran to the doors but they were locked. The fumes of the fire made it hard for the girls to breath. Many of the girls were on fire or dead on the filthy floor. Nell,Clara and Hannah were going to jump to the ground were firemen were holding a net for the girls to land in. Clara soon felt a burning sensation. She looked down and her dress was on fire! Clara screamed and the girls grabbed Clara’s arm and shook of the flames. Next, the girls jumped off the ledge. Sadly when the girls jumped down the net broke and the girls fell to there death.

My opinion is that the girls should have jumped sooner. If all the girls jumped 10 min. before they did they would have lived. Also if one girl jumped at a time then the net I do not think that the net  would have broke. Besides that I thought that was so sad that they had hope and it went away like the wind.It was a very sad story even if it was fiction.